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Hope for Our Time # 3

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Hope for Our Time

week 3


In Jesus' day the priests and rulers made a big show about being God's people. They were rich and greedy and people thought they were God's people. When Jesus came He lived so differently. He wasn't showy but kind and loving, showing people what God was really like. People loved Him but the rich rulers hated Him. They were the ones who had Him crucified.

Jesus demonstrated real peace, love and kindness. The apostle Paul said that following Jesus brings joy and peace.

There is a lot of ME thinking in the world today. There is fear about the economy, fear about the increase in health costs. The problems in the wealthier world and in the violent world are all very real. Jesus, the Creator, still has the last word about what is going on and He is the provider of our daily needs.

Love laid down His life for us and He says, "if you love me keep My commandments."  It's not a pick and choose kind of thing. We can still have love, peace and joy in these times of trouble for He has big hands and big arms and mighty power! Most of all He gives His love and promise that He will never leave nor forsake you.