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“The Advent Movement”

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Seventh-Day Adventist Church would be better called “The Advent Movement”, ever learning, ever growing in understanding and practice of Bible truths for our “last days”.


Its work and mission is worldwide, reaching to every corner of the earth by preaching, teaching, witnessing, radio, TV, internet Bible study schools, literature, health and humanitarian work.


It calls upon all to accept the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and honestly examine all beliefs with teachings of the entire Scriptures. Adventist church accepted the challenge be ever learning, clarifying, expanding, and correcting its understanding and practice of Biblical message. It appeals to all people and Christians everywhere to have faith and courage to follow where Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit through such biblical revelation may lead. In time of almost universal compromise and confusion “the Advent movement” is a call to be true to Scriptures rather than to many man-made traditions that obscure or contradict God’s revelation in His word.


Local Merritt Church is a part of this on-going prophetic reform movement within the body of Christ. It is a part of sisterhood of 99 churches and companies in BC Conference. Membership of 7th Day Adventist Church in Canada tips 61 000 members beside children and yet un-baptized youth and attending friends. Worldwide membership just tipped 17 million members and its yearly growth is about 1 million of new believers worldwide. Presently church is active and works in 203 countries. Other countries barred to Christianity are being reached by other means.


Our goals:


Proclaiming Christ


Nurturing believers


Sharing Biblical message


Serving all humanity


Main focus of church’s mission:


Proclaiming Christ as mankind’s only true Savior and Lord


Sharing the everlasting gospel commission of Matthew 28:18-20 in the context of Revelation 14:6-12 three angels’ messages making disciples of all nations, language, tribe and people in preparation for Christ’s imminent 2nd coming


Nurturing believers in life of faith, loving obedience and service


Sharing prophetic messages as presented in books of the Bible and specifically in the books of Daniel and Revelation


Ever growing in understanding and clarifying biblical teachings, restoring neglected biblical truths and completing the work yet unfinished by Reformers of past generations


Following example of Jesus in ministering to the entire person which includes physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of health