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Prophecy Part C (100)

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God's Secrets Revealed

Part C (100)

Another pleasant day for us but not so for the people of Haiti. The count now is 230,000 dead. Numbers like that could rise the threat of disease. Washington DC, the worst shows people without heat for days. The prophet Daniel spoke of “trouble such as never was.”

This is my last column. So, today I want to tell you a story that Jesus told when He was here.

A rich man had two sons and many servants. They had a good home. The younger son looked at the outside world and wanted to be part of it. One day he said to his father, “When you are gone we will get our inheritance but that could be far off. I want my share now even though you are alive.” The father agreed and gave him his share. It was a lot of money.

The boy disposed of his personal things, packed his bag, money and personal things they headed down the drive way. The father, no doubt, watched him until he got to the main road and he couldn't see him anymore.

The boy didn't stop at the first town nor the next but he kept moving until he got into a country far away where there was no one who would know him. He wanted to be his own person. He got a room, deposited his money and went to town. It wasn't long before he made some friends, boys and girls. The “good life” began.

How long did this carry on? We don't know. He went to the bank and was given the last. There was the boy. He had not earned his money and did not know how to spend it. His money went and so did his “friends.” He found himself alone and broke.

Now a new realization hit him. While his money lasted he was not aware of a drought that had hit the country and it was in a recession (like we are) so jobs were scarce. He had a hard time finding a job. He finally found a job herding pigs. For a Jewish boy as he was that was as low as it could get. He didn't get enough food and the food he did get was of poor quality. He had no place to bathe, no decent place to sleep the poor young man.

One day he came to himself and said, “How many of my father's servants have enough good food, a good place to sleep, a place to bathe and keep clean? I will go back and ask for a servant's job.” And that is just what he did. The road was long and slow.

His father, knowing the boy, spent time watching the road. One day, way down the road, he saw a lonely figure slowly walking. He recognized the walk of his son. The father hurried down the road to meet his son.

The boy was a mess. He was dirty, he smelled bad but the father put his arms around him, gave him a kiss and told him how glad he was to see him. The boy confessed, “I have sinned against Heaven and against you and am no longer worthy to be your son. Please give me a job as a servant.”

The father called one of the servants and told him to give the boy a bath, to give him clean clothes, shoes and a hair cut. So, the boy was restored to sonship.

We have all made mistakes. Some have traveled further than others but the Father doesn't ask how far have you gone but is just happy that you are back.

It is God who allows the problems that makes the boy turn his steps homeward. It is the Father today that allows the problems of earth to wake people up. He wants you to listen to what the prophet and Jesus have taught. We need to learn about the end of the world as we know it and Jesus' coming.

As I stated before, this is my last column but there is much more I would like to say about God's goodness and love. The end time prophecies, the end but also of Jesus. The man who has special plans for His people.

I invite you to a series of Bible studies at the Seventh Day Adventist Church at 7 pm, Monday March 1st. Bring your Bible (if you don't have a Bible we will provide you with your own copy) and a friend or two. We want to study God's word together. Bring any questions you have and I will help you find answers in God's word. I will have an advertisement in the paper on the 26th of February so you won't forget.

See you there. Bye for now.