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Prophecy XCVIII

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God's Secrets Revealed


We concluded last week's column with the fire that came from God out of Heaven and destroyed everything that had been part of the sin in this world. God, in His justice and mercy, only had the fire destroy everyone according to the life of sin they had lived. No one was punished above what they had earned and no one will burn forever. The fire had gone out and all that remained was ashes.

What a sad sight standing on the walls of the city and as far as the eye could see was only black landscape (but not for long).

John, in the book of Revelation said, “I saw a new Heaven and a new earth and there was no more sea.” The great expanse of water and ice will be no more. God probably wants to make room for more people to live in the beautiful areas of nature instead of being crowded in the huge high rises of today's modern cities. The new earth will likely have lakes and rivers but no more huge oceans.

Through the prophet Isaiah, God says, “I create new Heavens and a new Earth.” We don't know how long the creation period will be, maybe only six days as was in the creation of this Earth, but it will be exiting to stand on the wall of the city and see things shaping up right around the city (the trees, the flowers, the green grass) and to see God at work for the joy and happiness of His people.

Then the creatures of the wild will appear. The small ones, the squirrel, the weasel and the mink. The latter two that are here now to kill the squirrel for food but there they will live peacefully together. God says, “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain.”

Then the prophet sees the lamb feeding together with the wolf. Not one of the other but side by side eating grass. Then he sees the lamb and lion will lay down together. Then the birds, the little song birds and the birds of prey (the hawk, the big golden eagle) all living in quiet harmony in God's new creation.

The word gives us a picture of perfect harmony among the creatures of the wild as we know them. God's people will live just like that. All will live in peace.

There will be no phones that disturb. Yesterday I had a phone call informing me that a friend of many years passed away. He was a good person, years younger than me. This will never be in God's new world. John in Revelation says that there will be no more death or pain or tears. What a wonderful place to live (and no taxes!) What a great God we have!

Now that the work of creation is completed we look at the people there. The prophet Isaiah says that they will build houses and inhabit them. It sounds like we will have a city, a home and also a country home out in God's beautiful nature.

The building of a country home will be a new experience for me. I spent years in the logging sawmill business cutting trees and sawing lumber. Then later I built quite a number of houses and a couple of churches.

In the new Earth, things will be totally different. There will be no logged over areas with debris laying around. What will we use for building material? I don't know and I will not be worrying about it.

When Jesus was about to go back to Heaven He promised that he would prepare a home for us and did not mention a saw mill. He has all that under control.

My main concern needs to be what is in my life that would not fit into God's perfect environment. If there is something there do not panic. We have a wonderful God who wants to help us. Jesus says, “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” All we need to do is see that we need His help and ask Him for it.

I invite you to come and worship with us and study His word, sing praises to Him and thank Him for His goodness on Saturday morning, 11 am at 2190 Granite Ave.