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Prophecy Part XCVI

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God's Secrets Revealed


   Tonight as I write I am thankful to live in Merritt.  When I see on the news other parts of  the world, Europe, South eastern U.S. in snow, California earthquake.

   A couple of weeks before Christmas we looked at what the word had to say about the second coming with the righteous inside the beautiful city and the others outside looking in.  They were shown by the great white throne above the city why they were disqualified and why they would not have been happy inside.  Now the question is, "What can God do with these people?" or shall we ask, "What would we do if we were asked?"  The whole universe is watching.  What will God do?

   Abraham the friend of God said, "Will not the God of all the earth do right?"

   The crew outside the city are made up of all kinds of people from the stalling Hitler's, some of the Roman emperors to people who have been good but did not want to go to church and learn to worship God, keep His commandments but just wanted to do their own thing.  They may not have killed or hurt or stole but just did not want to fit into the society that will be in Heaven.

   Then there are these who came up with the theory of an ever burning Hell to scare people into church and church regulations.  What a picture they painted in the minds of people.  The image of Jesus wanting to punish people forever in fire for not complying with His word.  Jesus wants people to love and serve Him because of what He did at Calvary on the cross when He suffered a very cruel death to pay the debt for us.  To pay for what should have been our death and what He is doing for us every day in providing for our daily needs.  Jesus doesn't want anyone to be scared into Heaven because of what He will do to us if we don't.  Jesus says in the book of Revelation that everyone will be rewarded according to what shall be.

   As we look at God's situation He said He would do away with sin and it would not rise up again the second time.  Does that mean He will crush sin as soon as it would show it's ugly head?  No, it doesn't.  When this whole thing is done there will not remain a seed of rebellion or hate or doubt in the minds of anyone in the whole universe for all will have seen the love, justice, patience and fairness of God in the whole 6000 years of sin and destruction.

   During the judgement scenes spoken of in Daniel and Revelation the universe will have seen some of the horrible scenes of sin against humanity.  Children in the old testament times made to run through beds of hot coals.  If they were burned then that was a sign that the heathen god wanted them for a sacrifice.  They were then butchered and burned for a sacrifice.  In warfare invading armies would often rip open expectant mothers.  In Roman days if people opposed the worship of Caesar or gods they were thrown into enclosures where hungry animals like lions and tigers were kept and then for entertainment people watched while they were torn apart and eaten.  Others were tied to a stake and set on fire, being burned alive.

   Worse than these were when the leaders took Jesus and because of jealousy had Jesus beaten and crucified.  The most horrible death known at that time.  He had helped thousands of people but they killed Him anyway.  When the universe sees the results of sin and rebellion no one wants any of these re-enacted and so sin will not rise the second time for all have seen it's horrible results.

   Next week: God's Strange Act