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God's Secrets Revealed Part XCV

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God's Secrets Revealed

Part XCV

We have just said farewell to the old year 2009 and now we are in a brand new year. What does the new year look like? Is it bringing with it some brand new problems? I'm sure that not all problems are behind us.

The prophet Daniel, speaking of the end time (our time) said there would be trouble. What should we do in the face of world troubles? In my last column I talked about Daniel interpreting the king's dream. God not only wanted the king to know what lay ahead but He wanted the Babylonians to see Him as far superior to their man made gods that they worshiped.

In Daniel 2 only the head of the image was gold. It represented the king and kingdom of Babylon. The king wanted a whole image of gold to represent the long lasting kingdom that he had built, so he had a 65 foot golden image set on a 30 foot pedestal to represent the Babylon he wanted seen.

He had all the government employees from his entire, grand empire to come to the dedication of the image. These people came. Thousands of them. Among these were the three friends of Daniel.

The king had a furnace built to throw anybody in that refused to worship the image. He likely did this to insure that the Jews would comply. Then a herald came out and told all to bow down and worship the image when the band would start to play. He also announced the furnace and it's purpose.

When the band began all but the three Jews fell down and worshiped the image. The Jews were reported to a very angry king and when they refused to worship the image he had them thrown into the furnace.

Here is where Jesus stepped in right into the fire not only to save the three faithful but to make Himself visible to the king. Jesus wanted these Babylonians to see that He, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, is a real, living being and greater than any god. God of the elements for the fire did not hurt Him nor His followers.

Jesus loved the Babylonians like He does all people. He wanted them to see He was not a piece of stone or gold but a living God who could deliver. He wanted them to change their ways and follow and serve Him like the Jews did. The Babylonians did not accept Him nor change their ways but that did not discourage Jesus.

About 500 years later He came to this world and lived here as a person for over 33 years. He did this to give the world a first hand look at Heaven's love for people of all classes. Jesus made Himself known personally but He had prophets who, for hundreds of years, wrote about Jesus and the end of the world of sin as well as Jesus' coming to take His faithful people to Heaven with Him as we noted a few weeks ago.

Now as we look at what is going on we see the fulfillment of these prophecies. In the book of Job God said, “I have reserved Me the treasure of the snow for the time of trouble.”

There are places that are having snow problems and now a new scare with security as we see the struggle for power. These are mentioned in the book of Revelation. Jesus is giving us these signs to encourage us to take our Bibles and study His word to see Him as a God of love and mercy. Accept Him and be saved in His kingdom when He comes.

2010 would be a good time to start coming to church. If you have any questions about what I have said you can get some answers. I believe we are living in serious times and God is not willing that any should perish but be saved. We have church service at 11am every Sabbath (Saturday) mornings. You are welcome to come.