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God's Secrets Revealed Part XCII

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God's Secrets Revealed


Time is just flying by. In less than a month Christmas will be here then we'll start a new year. Soon the days will be getting longer, the sun stronger so we can look forward to something. Let us be thankful for the days we have now and the nice weather. Some other places are not doing as well. Is God, in His mercy, trying to show us how insecure things of this world and life really are?

Now on the agenda are the Olympics, but this too brings about problems. Now they are wondering how they could control the sex trade during this time when young people will be taken in by greedy people who are ready to prey on anyone no matter what hurt they create. Greed and violence are everywhere. Jesus said, pointing to the end of time, “As it was in the days of Noah before the flood so will it be before He comes.” In Genesis it says that men's minds were only evil continually. They chose themselves women of all that they pleased and it says, “The earth was filled with violence and was corrupt.”

God was still merciful and He had Noah, one of the few who still followed God. It says, “Noah walked with God.” God had Noah build and ark for He would destroy the world in 120 Years. So, Noah preached and warned sinners to leave their way of life and serve God all the time. There were many workers for this ark was built out of hand squared logs (which took a lot of man hours). Noah preached and warned them all of the time for the flood.

Time was getting closer. Finally, the ark was finished and God told Noah to put food into the ark for himself and the animals that would come in and be saved. The animals came, guided by God, into the ark and Noah appealed to the people to come in.

People couldn't take their lifestyle in and they would not leave them behind. Even after they had seen all that went on they still did not believe that water would come from the sky. So, they did not go in and God closed the door but how sad after having worked for some 120 years on the ark and the people still did not go in.

Here we see the love of God. He could not let things go on in their wicked way so He provided a man of God to try and turn them from their way and also provided a way for them to be saved from the flood.

God can and does make ways for us to escape the wages of sin. With Christmas coming up it would be a good time to think of His love and concern for His children. God's purpose in coming was to save us from our sins. That is to help us overcome the problems we are having. At this time of year some of our problems could involve food and drink.

Jesus did so much for people for He wanted people to be healthy and happy but so much of this depends on our lifestyle. The prophet John said, “Beloved I would, above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health.” Jesus wants us to be free from slavery and that could be more than addictions. Greed and lust are some of our slave drivers.

How could we change this? First, thank God for your well being. The scriptures says that God is the giver of every good and perfect thing. Then remember those less fortunate. Maybe there is a single mom who could use some help or a teen who could benefit from a kind word or a show of love.

Jesus said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. The wise man said, “Kindness was as marrow to the bones.” In the word of God the judgment is mentioned about 1000 times so in the judgment one of the things asked was, “What have you done with the things I blessed you with? When we look at the troubled world the prophet said this would be the condition just before the end.

A good question to ask ourselves at this coming Christmas season is, “Who or what has my heart?”

The words of a gospel song says, “Take my heart and make it thine. It shall be no longer mine.” This kind of experience could bring health, hope and happiness.

No drug can match the love of God.