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God's Secrets Revealed Part XC

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God's Secrets Revealed

Part XC

David, the sweet singer of Israel said in a Psalm, “Oh, give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever.” David went through many real trying experiences and that is why later in life he said, “...give thanks unto the Lord for He is good...”

David was the son-in-law of king Saul of Israel and yet the king wanted to kill him for he was jealous of David. People liked David better than Saul.

David, with several hundred men and their families followed David while he was fleeing and hiding from Saul and his army of several thousand. David would move from one area or mountain to another. Saul would get tired of hunting and go back home. One would come and tell Saul where David was and the hunt started over again.

On two occasions, David and his men came to where Saul's army was put up for the night. David, with a helper, would creep into camp. They could have killed Saul but did not for David said that God put him in for king and David would not harm Saul. He would leave that up to God. What a man. God always kept Saul from finding David. This went on for a number of years. That is why David praised God for His mercy.

At one time when David was king he was with the army fighting the Philistines. David was a good fighter but he got separated from the main core and the Philistines cornered him in a patch. By himself David was outnumbered and fought for his life. His men saw him and some of his good, brave men ran over, beat the Philistines and saved David. His men said he was never to go out with the army again. He was getting older. He should leave the fighting to them. He was worth more as king. They loved him. Then David said, “God is good.”

David had his problems. He was still a person. A sinner like all are. He lived in a big house, taller than the houses around his and as evening began he walked out on a deck and saw a lady on the top of her flat roof house having a bath out of sight of the houses around. When David saw her he lusted and sent a servant to find out who she was. He found she was the wife of one of his most trusted soldiers who was away at war at the time. David had her come to his house and had her come to bed with him. She went home and the incident was closed, so David thought, but not God.

Some time later she sent word to David that she was expecting a child. David sent word to the army to have the husband come home to cover his sin but that didn't work out so David sent word to the man at the head of the army to put the man in a dangerous spot so he would be killed. So it happened, just as David had said. Now the truth would be sealed away but God had other plans. David took the lady and she became his wife. Nobody knew the truth except God.

When the child was born it became very sick and Nathan, the prophet sent by God, came to David and told him a story. The story was of a rich man who had many sheep but when company came he stole the poor man's only sheep (that was very close to him) and killed it for a feast for his company.

The story angered David and he said that man shall die. Nathan said, “Thou art the man you had other wives but took the man's only wife who he loved.” David said, “I have sinned.” David could have gotten angry at Nathan and God but he chose to confess his fault and God forgave him.

David lusted. He committed adultery. He lied. He murdered. Yet, when he repented and confessed, “I have sinned.” God forgave him and made David a Bible hero.

God loves to hear real heart confessions, and forsaking of wrongs. God said of David, “...a man after my own heart.” God loves this kind of character. How many stories can be told of what life was like and praise God for saving us from sin. David in his writing, often says how good God's law is for it points out our mistakes but then he says give thanks to God for He is good and His mercy endures forever.

We, today, need to look at the experience of David and give thanks that David's God is as merciful to us as He was to David. He knows and cares about each one of us. “Oh, give thanks to God for He is good. [All the time!]”