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God's Secrets Revealed Part LXXXIX

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God's Secrets Revealed


Last week we looked at the resurrection. When Jesus had resurrected all His people, changed all the living then that great company rose from the earth to meet Jesus in the sky. Then, with Jesus and the angels together rise up and go up to Heaven. What a trip that will be visiting with friends and making new ones. Their conversations will be centred around what Jesus has saved them from and now on their way to Heaven and eternal life.

John in a vision, in Revelation, sees this big company and there were some who had gone through real trials, even had been beheaded because of their love for Jesus. John says they reigned and lived with Christ for a thousand years. They were given access to records to satisfy their questions for there were a lot of people who had questions about people they saw there and some they did not see.

Somebody saw Junco, what a character. He had been in and out of jail for murder, theft, rape and all other kinds of crimes. He was the terror of the community but he had vanished, now he appeared in Heaven. How? Somebody asked Jesus what Junco was doing there? When Jesus opened His records it one of his bad times Junco came too close to death for comfort and somebody introduced him to the beautiful character of Jesus. Junco turned from his evil ways and Jesus forgave him. Jesus gave him strength to change his life and follow Jesus. When He did he became a happy person, left his old life behind and helped others. What a beautiful story Junco had to tell.

Then there was Jok (not a real name). He was such a nice and good person. Where was he? They asked Jesus and were given his life record and as they looked it over things began to register in their minds. Some things they had heard, like his involvement in fraud and things on the Internet (pornography) and at one time the finger almost pointed to a rape case and now a picture began to develop in their mind as to the double life he lived. He covered his real character with nice talk and church attendance. The records of Heaven uncovered his life and all could see why he was not in Heaven. He would only have caused trouble so Jesus had to leave him out.

In the old testament of Zechariah 13:6 someone says to Jesus, “What are those wounds in your hands?” Jesus replies, “I got those in the house of my friends.” There will be people who have never heard the name of Jesus nor hear the story of the cross and resurrection. But, how did they make it to Heaven? Has God got a double standard? One He takes and one He leaves? No! God is a god of love and justice and all come under that rule.

When we think of sin, we think of wrong doing. That is why wrongs are committed in the dark, at night, under cover. When one steals in a store he hides it for he knows what he has done is wrong. So, is everything, weather it is stealing, lying, hurting or whatever if it is hidden?

As I was writing this column the phone rang. I picked it up and a husky, male voice said, “CONGRATULATIONS! You have just won a $2200.00 trip.” He knew he was lying, so did I so I hung up the phone. We don't give $2200.00 gifts to people. Especially to those we don't know or never met. Who was he trying to fool? The thing is plain fraud and wrong.

In every age there have been people in various parts of the world who have never heard of Jesus. But, they have looked at creation (the heavens, trees, flowers, animals) and realized there is something bigger than themselves and called Him by various names like Great Spirit or Higher Power or ….. Among these are honest people who have listened to that still small voice that says, “This is the way. Do this or don't do that.” They have listened to that voice which is the voice of Jesus and He has honoured their life of doing the best they know. Jesus has given them eternal life. What a wonderful Saviour! Not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. So, the saved have looked at the right and just doings of God and are satisfied that God is just and because He is extending an invitation to all to come and be saved.