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Prophecy Part LXXXVI

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God's Secrets Revealed


Thanksgiving day has come and gone but let us not forget the thing we have to be thankful for everyday: a warm house to live in, a comfortable bed to sleep in, enough food to eat, warm clothes to wear, family, friends, a good country to live in, and above all we have a God who has created all things and has given us all the good things we enjoy.

Let's be thankful that we are not in the Philippines, Samaria or Indonesia. When we look at the weather with record breaking cold for this time of year and not too long ago we had record breaking heat for that time of year. It seems we just don't have anything stable anymore. The only thing seems like we can trust is God's word and in it we find that the things we see are to tell us we are nearing the end of time and the second coming of Jesus.

When Jesus told His disciples what the end would look like He said, “ it was in the days of Noah.” It says in the Bible too that men's mind was only evil continually.

The Internet is being used for child pornography, one of the bigger businesses today. The US government is going to send people into the east, where the child sex business is thriving, to punish their own people who are going over there for the child trade. On the news we see men from every kind of profession involved in the abuse of children.

The Noah record also says the earth was filled with violence and we only need to watch the news and its not long before we hear of an incident of violence. Everyday we hear that somebody has been shot or stabbed or beaten or run down. The shocking thing is who is taking part in this violence? Now even girls help beat up people.

In another part of the world we see a bigger state of violence. Suicide bombing where people by the dozen are killed or hurt. It doesn't matter whether they are women, children or welfare workers, these people who kill themselves along with many others are trained, promised rewards and a better place. It is all a deception to get others to do what they want them to do and that is kill the so called “undesirables.”

Jesus has been the only one who has been in that “better place.” He's told us about it. He talked about how nice it is but He also talks about the people who are there and who are not there. He mentions the fearful. What do they fear? Probably how they will be seen if they change their way of living. The unbelieving, those who do not believe in Jesus, the murderers and the whore mongers, the ones already mentioned whose minds are only evil continually, those who lie and the abominable. These are the ones who will be absent also, those who add or subtract from the word, these will be absent in Heaven.

The Noah record also says the earth was full of corruption. It's not hard to believe for that was one of the problems we had a few months ago. We had the companies that went under then asked, AND GOT, a bailout from the government. Who really paid for that? Us tax payers!

Letters come in the mail advertising good deals on all kinds of things. Others ask for money for actual good things for people but how much of this goes to where they are claiming it will?

When we see what is going on and the prospect of things getting worse it can become a bit scary. Especially now with the flu going around and some people dying from it. They are not the group who usually die from it but it is the young ones.

The prophet John, in the book of Revelation, talks about things going on then he sees in a vision, people, and he says, “Here is the patience of the saints. Here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” There is a place where there is peace of mind in this troubled world, obedience to the word of God and knowing that Jesus is our friend as well as our Savior. He loves us and amid all the turmoil on earth He will come and take His faithful ones to Heaven.

What a blessed hope. What a wonderful Savior! His invitation is “Come follow Me.”