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God's Secrets Revealed Part LXXXV

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God's Secrets Revealed


Here we are, well into October and we are having the first frost of the season. We have had some snow on the higher elevations and on the higher passes but no real problems. That is more than we can say for some of the other parts of the world.

In last weeks column we talked about the prophecies and their fulfillment, about knowledge and we have really seen an increase in knowledge over my lifetime.

I grew up in northern Saskatchewan on a homestead during the depression years of the thirties. There were some who still farmed with oxen. What luck.

As we look at another part of the same prophecy, Daniel said there would be a time of trouble. When the disciples ask Jesus about the signs that would tell when the end was near he said, “Be careful that nobody deceive you.” for He said there would be all kinds of theories about the end but we were to be careful what they believed. Then He told them what would happen in the world of weather. He mentioned earthquakes.

We have always had earthquakes through the years but they are increasing in frequency and in power. Just a little over a week ago a fairly severe one hit Indonesia that killed a number of people and did a lot of damage. Another one came in the same area that really baffled the scientists as to what is going on. I believe God is telling us that times are not as usual. We are living in a different time.

Tsunamis are started by earthquakes of which one happened in Somalia last week. In the book of Revelation, John, in a vision saw Jesus coming and there was a great earthquake. People cried for the rocks and mountains to fall on them and hide them from Jesus for they were not ready to meet Him. Jesus says that He finds no pleasure in the death of people for He loves all. This is why He tells us in His word what is coming so we may study His word and learn of His love and worship and obey Him so He can take us to Heaven when He comes.

In the same prophecy, in Matthew, Jesus talks about other problems. He mentions famines. What causes famines? We think of lack of rain but often too much water creates a loss of food production and destroys a lot of homes and farmland as has happened in the Philippines. The threat of the storm is not over yet. India is going through a flood now. In all these there is always a loss of life and the destruction of homes and a lot of pain and misery.

I believe God is testing people to see if they will help the unfortunates! I am glad to say that people and countries do what they can to help abroad and at home. Did you know that in the basement of our church we serve lunch every Sunday to those in need. Also there is food and clothing to take home. I would like to invite you to come and see what goes on weather you are in need or not. Jesus, in the prophecy says there will be diseases and there is hardly a news cast that doesn't say something about the problems of disease around the world. Here is something we all need to be aware of and careful of how we live.

The prophecy also includes wars. This world is rarely free from war in some place or another but then he mentions rumours of wars. What is going on in the world now are more than rumours as some countries are working on producing nuclear arms such as Iran at the present time. What is that all about? Power destroying other countries and people.

There are continual problems in the middle east. Israel is at the centre of difficulties. The west is keeping an eye on the east because there are threats that include the west. When we look at the problems we need to look at what Jesus said, “When you see all these things then know that the end is near, even at the door.”

These things sound and look a bit scary but there is one thing we need to remember. Jesus still has the last word. He is still in complete control of what is going on. The thing we need to think about and look He is in complete control of our lives or do we have things that we put first? He gave His life for all on the cruel cross. He says, “if you love Me follow Me and keep My commandments.” and He says, “My commandments are not grievous they were given in love for mankind.” The psalmist said, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.”