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God's Secrets Revealed Part LXXXIV

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God's Secrets Revealed


When Jesus was here on earth, He spoke often of the law and prophets. Today I want to look at some of the prophecies of the Bible. Daniel talked of the increase of knowledge. Time had gone on for many years with no seeming change in knowledge. Five hundred years after Daniel Jesus came and shortly after the Jewish nation came to an end. Then, Daniel's prophecy of western Rome dividing into 10 pieces came to pass. Before this, the Empire had divided into eastern and western Rome.

Eastern Rome became the Byzantine Empire and later the Ottoman Empire. About 600 years after Daniel's prophecy that knowledge would increase the prophet John, in Revelation said that he saw problems in eastern Rome. In a vision he saw war and he saw horses with riders on them. The heads of the horses looked like the heads of lions, fierce and out of the mouths of the horses came fire and smoke and brimstone. These three things killed many people.

Some time in the year 800 or later, in that part of eastern Rome, somebody came up with explosives then they made gun powder and guns. John knew nothing about guns but here in a vision he saw the riders on the horses with guns.

These first guns were heavy things and they made saddles for the horses and holders in the saddles for the guns. As the riders pointed their guns forward and fired past the horse's head it looked like the fire and smoke came out of the horse's mouth.

Cannons were then invented to smash down city walls. All this knowledge greatly changed the way wars were fought and made things more dangerous.

Years after this came the hand operated printing press and the making of books which helped distribute Bibles and more knowledge.

Then came the knowledge that really made the world smaller...the harvesting of steam. Trains, railroads, and steam ships now crossed the continent from east to west and back again. The trip could be done in a week instead of the better part of the year using ox teams and covered wagons.

Years ago the Adventist church started to go abroad with mission work. In Rhodesia they got a land grant for a mission station. That gave them enough land to grow their food, and build a school, a medical clinic and a church. But, there was no way to get there except by road. They got everything together they would need, loaded it on wagons then with oxen pulling they left for Rhodesia.

All went well for a time then a new problem arose. They got into lion country and the lions found easy food with these oxen. Now they had to have men guard the wagons as they went along. They had to guard the oxen while they were feeding and at night while resting. A 24 hour a day job.

What a lot of extra work. But they persevered. They did this to bring better health and living conditions to the people along with a knowledge of Jesus.

The knowledge of trains and railroads, trucks better roads and cars, as well as planes have made travel and transporting goods so much faster and easier. With all these improvements to life another problem came.

When Jesus talked about the end of the world He said there would be pestilences and diseases. We have some problems now with the swine flu. With modern ways of travel how easy is it for the spread of these kinds of problems?

God has not left us to sink in the mire of our own problems but He is still giving knowledge through people to prevent the spread and to make vaccines. He helps prevent us from getting sick and guides us to find cures for diseases when we do.

God is good and He loves His people. He wants the best for all and He wants us to look after our bodies as He has instructed us in His word. As we look at what is going on in the world today we need to thank God for where we live. The blessings which we enjoy, His watchful care over us and His promise of Jesus. That He would return to take His faithful children back to Heaven with Him.

All signs are pointing to the near fulfillment of His promise.