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God's Secrets Revealed


When the Jewish leaders interpreted the prophecy of Daniel to suit their own wants we saw in the last week's column that it totally failed. Jesus knew how things would turn out and He wanted to help the people who had learned to trust Him.

Before He died He told His followers about the deception. He told them that in the war that was coming that Jerusalem would be surrounded by armies and they were to flee. He said, “Pray that your flight be not in the winter or on the Sabbath day.” as the winter was not pleasant for flight and the Sabbath had been set aside at creation for rest and worship.

When the war broke out in 66 AD the people found refuge from the Romans in the walled city of Jerusalem, but, now they could not get food. Just think what it must have been like in the city. Food was running low and Roman soldiers, with their weapons, surrounded the city.

Jesus' followers, as they prayed what He had taught them, saw in the word, flight a promise of deliverance. They prayed and likely thanked Jesus for deliverance for they were sure He would keep His word.

Things got desperate. Then the Romans just left one day. The Roman general probably didn't know why they left but when God says “Go” you have no option but to go. Jesus had told them when they would flee. The Romans left on Tuesday the Christians on Wednesday, unhindered in the fall when food was most plentiful and easy to get.

The original prophecy of Daniel said the people of the prince shall destroy the city and temple. The following year they returned under Titus. He was the son of the Roman emperor, the prince, came and took the city. He destroyed it and the temple and according to the historian, not one Christian perished. Jesus had told them to pray and they did. He kept His promise and He still does today. These things have been recorded so we might see God's love and care for His people.

In the days of Abraham, when He was 100 years old and his wife, Sarah, who was 90 had a son they called Isaac. (whom God had promised to them) How the parents loved their boy as he grew up. One day when Isaac was 20 Abraham 120, God called Abraham and told him to take his only son, Isaac and offer him for an offering upon a mountain that God would show to him.

What a thing to ask of a father who knew that thou shalt not murder. Abraham trusted God who had promised that Isaac would become the line of the seed of Abraham.

Abraham got up, did not tell Isaac what was up, took him and two servants, wood for the offering and provisions for the way. He put it all on a donkey and left home. As they walked along how Abraham must have prayed for another word from God for he did not want to take the life of his son. But, in obedience to God he kept going.

On the third day God showed Abraham the hill where he was to go. The group stopped. Abraham put the wood on Isaac, left the servants and the donkey, and marched off together, father and son.

Isaac asked his dad, “If we have the wood and the knife, where is the lamb?” Abraham answered, “God will supply Himself a lamb.”

They came to the place, built an altar and laid the wood in place. Then Abraham told Isaac that God had chosen him as the lamb. Isaac agreed, for he believed God's promise. (that he was to be the continual of the chosen race) Isaac laid down on the wood. He helped his dad tie his hands and feet. Then Abraham lifted his hand with the knife to plunge it into his son's heart. God stopped him in mid air and showed him a ram caught by the curl of his horn on a tree. Abraham offered it for a sacrifice instead.

This all happened on a hill called Calvary. Here God showed Abraham and all people how difficult it would be for Him to see His son Jesus become a sacrifice for the sin of the world.

The most beautiful picture of love we can imagine...the Father standing beside His suffering Son, who willingly stayed on the cross and died so all might behold Heaven's love for mankind. In response to that love all might love, obey and serve Him. In this we have the blessed hope of eternal life that was bought for all mankind at so great a cost.