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God's Secrets Revealed Part LXXX

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God's Secrets Revealed


We have said fare well to the month of August. It would be well if we say that for the fire situations but that we don't control. One much mightier than we has the last word and I believe He is telling us the time for this old world is running out.

Jesus told His disciples He was leaving, but He'd be back. They asked Him for a sign when this would be. Jesus said, “Be careful that no one deceives you. For many shall come in My name and deceive many.”

How would they deceive people? By reading and interpreting scripture and prophecy to suit their own thinking. A Deception was going on at the time of Jesus. Daniel had prophesied the coming of the Messiah that He would help them put sin out of their life and live a better one. Daniel also foretold his death and destruction of the temple and city.

The Jewish leaders said they were fine and did not need any life changes. What they wanted and taught was that the Messiah would become king and drive out the Romans. He would make Judah a big, strong, wealthy and prosperous nation and that they would be rich, powerful and important people.

Jesus wanted them to become important people but that was based on their lifestyle of love and obedience to God. Jesus showed them this kind of life by how He helped people. To make themselves look pious they had written all kinds of rules not found in God's law. One was the distance one could walk on the Sabbath. The Jewish leaders hated Jesus because He ignored their man made rules like healing people on Sabbath. They said He was breaking the Sabbath. Jesus said it was a day for doing good and helping others.

The Jews hated the Romans. Jesus did not. He never talked about getting rid of the Romans. He performed several miracles of healing for the Romans. The Jews loved the temple. It was a very nice, big, beautiful building but the Romans had built it for the Jews.

Jesus spent three and a half years teaching, healing, helping, forgiving and they could not seem to see that the leaders were deceiving them about Jesus because He did not try to make Himself king. This all took place because the leaders interpreted the prophecy for their own benefit. The people trusted and believed their leaders and did not study the scripture and prophecy for themselves. They just followed what they were told.

Now, the one who had done so much for the people was now falsely accused and the Jews that hated the Romans now went to them to have Jesus put to death.

The death sentence given. Jesus was taken, tired, hungry and bleeding to Calvary and there placed on a cross to die a slow, painful death (the worst man could come up with). The they sat down and laughed and made fun of Him. To everyone's surprise, Jesus asked the Father to forgive them, The very ones who had crucified Him.

After six hours on the cross Jesus said, “It is finished.” and He bowed His head and died. Unheard of! No body died after only six hours. But Jesus did not die. He voluntarily gave up His life. A living sacrifice for the sins of the world, you and I included. Now that He was dead, two wealthy men came boldly forward, took the body of Jesus, and bound Him in strips of linen with spices, as the custom of the Jews is to bury. 

This took place Friday evening, just before the beginning of the Sabbath. Early Sunday morning He took life up again that He had lain down. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. 3His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow. 4The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men.
In the book of Revelation, He said, “I am the One that was dead but now am alive forevermore.”

Jesus told His people to “follow Me.” Where did He lead? He died, slept in the tomb for a little while, then rose and went to heaven to live forever. This will happen to His faithful followers. Death...asleep in the earth, then the resurrection and eternal life with Jesus. What a plan and beautiful promise.

What happened to the prophecy? It was fulfilled as it had been given but not as the Jewish leaders said. Jesus died as prophesied and 36 years after His death the Jews followed a deceiver who said He was the Messiah and they rebelled against Rome hoping that God would help. They had put their helper to death so they were left on their own to fend for themselves. The Romans came and carried out one of the worst slaughters that ever took place. When the Romans beat the Jews who were hiding in the city and temple both were destroyed.

The Jews lost their lives and nation because they wanted things their own way, not God's. How important that we study the word, follow Jesus and believe His prophets.