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Prophecy Part LXXIX

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God's Secrets Revealed


I am sitting, watching the news and there doesn't seem to be very many good things to report on. There are more fires due to the lightening storm the other night and the hurricanes in the east then there is always the news of the violence among people. The only good news is that all the problems we are experiencing could have been worse. Not much to cheer about?

Last week we looked at the world around us. The world God created and He did not create anything with violence in mind. That has all come about because of sin. Sin is leaving its mark on everything around us.

God has not thrown up His hands and asked, “Where do we go from here?” But, He has a safe haven. Somewhere up in space there is a planet called Heaven. God has built a very big city, complete with walls as the cities of old all had. (At a later time we will talk in more detail about the walls.) On earth these walls were for protection from invading armies but with all our modern methods of destruction walls don't do much good when it comes to protection anymore.

The foundations for the walls around the city is of precious stones. Each row of stones in the foundation is made up of a different coloured precious stone. The walls are built out of transparent brick, clear as glass. We don't have that kind here but God is doing something special and beautiful for His people.

Before Jesus left the earth He told His disciples He was going back to Heaven to prepare a place for them. At such a time He would return to take His people to where He is.

The streets are paved with gold. In those kind of beautiful surroundings what must the homes that He is preparing look like?

John says he saw a pure clear river with trees on the banks and fruit trees. What about the people there? Well, if faithful, you and I will make up some of the people and before Jesus left He told His disciples and followers (the church) to go into all the world and preach the gospel. We are to share the good news of Jesus and His love to all people. To invite them to accept Jesus and become part of the great multitude that John saw of who would be saved.

John talks about life in that beautiful, Heaven. One thing that will be very different...there will be no old people there. That really appeals to me for I am getting old here on earth and with age aches and pains become the norm every day.

There we will all be young again and no more aches or pains. John says Jesus told him to write that there would be no sick people there. No deaths and no sadness. For God will wipe all tears from their eyes. No crying, no broken hearts. It seems almost too good to be true. BUT, we all can depend on what Jesus has promised. He is going to be in charge on what goes on. When Jesus said there would be no sick that also means we will not eat or drink or in anyway take anything into our bodies that is harmful.

If we are interested in the life Jesus has planned for us what we allow into our bodies may be a good place to start. It is time to make a change. It would not only improve our health but what we allow into our bodies can create a host of problems. That will not be among Gods people in Heaven. Those must be overcome and left here. To make changes and gain victories over problems that we have could be a lot more difficult than one might think.

Jesus promised, “Come unto me all ye that are troubled and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” and again He said, “Ask and ye shall receive.”

What can we ask for? We have many wants but He wants us to ask for things that will make our life better and maybe some way to help someone else.

When Jesus makes a promise He never uses the word “maybe” but “always” and “I will”. He will only give what we ask if it is for our greater good.

What a wonderful Saviour! He wants the best for us here and a place with Him in the beautiful Heaven He has prepared. He would like us to get better acquainted with Him. He tells us much about Himself and His love in the Bible. His word. Today's world tells us much about His word and care for His people.