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Prophecy Part LXXVIII

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God's Secrets Revealed


The weather looks much like fall but it has sure helped the fire situations for which we should be thankful. Late summer and fall have their good aspects. One thing we enjoy is the beautiful, delicious cherries, peaches, apricots, blueberries and plums, just to name a few. I planted some rose bushes this spring and I have had some beautiful, big, red, yellow and pinkish roses. Every season of the year has something special about it.

The other day while driving along Nicola Lake, there on the hay fields, was a huge flock of geese. I thought it a bit early but there they were. Probably back from the arctic where the sun hardly sets. Where in the long, warm days the young grow quickly. And, there on the rolling tundra grows the essential feed for the migrating caribou and the musk ox.

I grew up on a homestead in northern Saskatchewan before we had the facilities to move goods long distances fast. We had ample supplies of fruit, wild blueberries, saskatoon berries, choke cherries (much better than our local ones) raspberries, strawberries in the garden and red, black and yellow currants. It seems that where ever man goes God has provided for him. What a wonderful Creator God. He has thought of everything to provide for food and enjoyment such as flowers, scenery and wild animals and provides for all. The winter food for the far northern animals, the birds that migrate as well as for man.

The changing seasons...when we have summer South America has winter. When we have winter they can supply us with delicious fruit. The birds and animals migrate to winter or summer grounds by the call God has put into their minds. How could we possibly think that all these timely and intricate things could just happen? They can't. Plain and simple.

God the Creator controls everything for the good of man. Everything is obedient to the will of God, except man. Man wants to do things his way and we see the problems and confusion we have in the world because of this.

The things man can't change the movements of like the Heavenly bodies, sun, moon stars they move exactly by their order of their Creator. The storms that blow and hurricanes are subject to His will.

One day Jesus and His disciples were crossing the lake in a boat when a storm came upon them. Jesus was tired from His day's work and had laid down in the boat and fell into a nice restful sleep. The storm got so bad the water came into the boat and the disciples were working hard to keep things going. They couldn't. They went and woke up Jesus. The nervous disciples said to Jesus, “Don't You care if we perish in the storm?”

Jesus stood up, probably stretched and said to the element, “Peace. Be still.” And just like that the storm ceased. There was a beautiful calm.

On another day Jesus sent His disciples across the lake while He went up into the mountain to pray. The disciples were unhappy with Jesus that day and as evening set in the wind began to blow. As night came they were facing a head wind. No matter how hard they worked the wind was always against them.

At about three o'clock in the morning they were still on the lake, tired and hope had all but disappeared, when a white figure came into view walking on the waves. The disciples were terrified. Jesus was watching His precious cargo. The disciples, out of fear, screamed. Jesus was suddenly near and said, “Don't be afraid. It is I.” The happy disciples had Jesus come into the boat and the wind stopped.

Storms are no strangers to us in our personal lives and they were not strangers to Jesus when He was here. Nobody ever faced worse storms than He did. He understands the problems of life and He wants to help. He comes near but wants to be invited into our troubled boat to make life better for us by giving us a future of hope. He says, “Follow Me.”