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Prophecy Part LXXVII

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God's Secrets Revealed


When the Babylonians captured Jerusalem and Judea they took a group of boys, probably ages 13-14 who could still learn the language. Daniel, one of the boys, now about 17 interpreted the kings dream which God had given him. Daniel was made one of the wise men and for the next 60 years served in the Babylonian Empire.

This was taken over by the Persians and Daniel became a high official in that regime. A lot of government employees had to answer to him. These men did not like Daniel. He was honest, strict, old, and had a strange religion. He believed in a different God and was a Jew.

These men wanted him moved but what could they use for a reason to have the king dismiss him? He was honest and upright and they could not find anything to accuse him of. One day they came up with a plan that they thought would work. They went to the king and likely praised him for being a good king.

These kings thought of themselves as gods. The men presented him with a decree they had drawn up for him to sign to become law. The decree stated that nobody was to ask any favour of any god except of the king for 30 days. If you did you would be thrown into the den of lions which was kept to dispose of bad people.

They told the king all of his servants had been informed, but infact Daniel had not been included. The king signed the decree and it became law. There was a law that once signed it could not be changed. These men left thinking that they had a sure thing going against Daniel. When Daniel found out about the decree he did not go to the king to complain, nor did he go to the men that had to account to him. He went to his place, as usual, and as his custom he kneeled before the open window that faced Jerusalem and prayed to his God and gave thanks.

What did he give thanks for? That time maybe he gave thanks for deliverance but his enemies watched and they had him, so they thought. Then they went to the king and said, “Did you not sign a decree forbidding prayer to any god but thee?” the king answered, “Yes.”

Then they said that Daniel, who was a captive from Judah, the Jew, totally disregards the law and makes his petition three times a day to his God as he always has.

Now the light came on and the king was very unhappy with what he had done. He had sold his most trusted servant and friend to a cruel death. He tried all day to deliver Daniel but he could not because the law could not be changed. The men held the king to his own decree.

The poor king. Now he had to get Daniel, take him to the lion's den and have him put in. As they were putting him down the king said, “Thy God whom thou servest continually, He will deliver thee.”

A stone was laid on the den's mouth. The king sealed it and everybody went home. The king went to his palace and spent the night fasting. No food or music was brought to him and he could not sleep. Early in the morning he got up and went to the den. When he got there he called in a sad voice, “Daniel? Is thy God, whom thou servest able to deliver thee from the lions?” Then the good news for the king...Daniel replied, “ My God has sent His angels and shut the lion's mouth because I was blameless.”

The accusers probably said the lions were not hungry but the king had them thrown in and the lions were hungry. The king then wrote to all his people and made a decree that all people should fear and tremble before the God of Daniel for He is a living God and steadfast forever and His kingdom shall not be destroyed.

God delivers and works signs and wonders in all the earth. Satan, through the men who disliked Daniel, wanted to destroy the knowledge of the true God but God used the same men and beasts to promote the knowledge of Himself to the world. He wanted the world then and now to know that He is the God of Heaven and Earth. He wants us ALL to know Him, love Him and obey Him. He wants the best for all people here and eternal life at His second coming. The problems of earth tell us this great event is not that far away.