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Prophecy Part LXXV

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God's Secrets Revealed


What an exciting day this was the day the people were to cross the mighty swollen Jordan river. Could God not have picked a better time? Maybe at low water to do this, but God wanted the people to see Him in action in bad times as well as in good.

The ark that contained the tables of stone that were the 10 Commandments, this, the priests were to take and start into the river. The people were to stay quite a bit back so they could see where to go. This must have been a breath taking moment... What would happen?

When the trumpet blew the priests carrying the ark started forward and as the feet of the priests touched the water it stopped flowing and the water coming down river became a wall of water and the priests walked on a dry river bed.

When the priests with the ark got into the middle of the river they stopped and the people, with their wagons cattle, sheep and things got started through the river.

I think God did not want the people to follow too close to the priests and too tight together because if they all started in at once only the front ones would see the priests and ark, the others would only see the people in front of them. God wanted the people to see the ark, and the priests that represented Jesus.

The lesson was God did not want only people but Jesus and the law of God to be seen as the priests and people were going through the river. The wall of water building behind the priests was getting higher and more dangerous and their only hope of safely crossing this big river and getting to the other side was in Jesus. The Creator holding back this humanly hopeless wall of water when the people, with all of their belongings were on the other side.

The priests came out and 12 men, one from each tribe, were appointed to take a big stone. Each stone from the place where the priests had stood and take them to the side of the river and there they set up a memorial with these stones. This was so people would never forget what had happened here.

The crossing of the people in flood time was a lesson for them as well as us who live at the end of time and the second coming of Jesus. Before the second coming of Jesus, as we have seen before the prophet Daniel said, “there would be a time of trouble.” The destruction of the temple with its huge stones, that Jesus foretold, and the crossing of the Jordan are examples of big problems. Daniel said the end problems would be worse than these.

The stone pillar that was set up on the shore of the Jordan was a constant reminder of the power of God over the things of nature. At creation, God set up a memorial so people would always remember who He was and what He had done.
That was the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week and He wrote it on a table of stone in the 4th commandment. When God said,

remember, let that be a memorial of My creative power.

The priests beside the ark, in front of the wall of water, stayed there until all the people were safely across. When the stones of the memorial were in place the priests came out of the river bed and the water began its normal run.

The lesson and mental picture we should get from the crossing of the Jordan and the priests (Jesus) standing in the middle of the river as the water piled higher and higher are the end time problems. As difficulties increase Jesus will stand firm before the rising problems and will stay there to protect His own who have learned to love, keep His commands and trust Him will be safely on His side. Then He will step out of the protective role, and remove His restraining hand from the problems. But God's people will be safe on the Heavenly shore. All who have answered the invitation to “come unto Me and be ye saved” what a day that will be!

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