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God's Secrets Revealed Part LXXIII

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God's Secrets Revealed



The Israelites were now near the promised land. About 400 years before this God had told Abraham that He would make him a great nation and disposes the people in the Palestine area, giving it to Abraham's descendants. The people in the area were idol worshipers and God wanted a people that would show the world the character of the true God of Heaven. God still loved the people there as He does all people and He would give them 400 years to turn from their idol worship. God had Abraham and his descendants, who were worshipers of the God, live among these people so they could learn of God's love.

God's people offered animals, mostly lamas which God wanted them to know that in the future God would supply Himself a lamb. Jesus. He would die for the sins of the people. The thought that God's son would die for them was to let people realize the cost of sin and forgiveness so they'd stop sinning.

The people around worshiped idols and did not believe in God but offered human sacrifices, their own children. When Jesus was here on earth He showed His love for children. How it must hurt Him to see innocent children sacrificed.

To choose one for the sacrifice they would build a fire. When it was burned to coals a young person was chosen to run through the fire. If the fire burned them that was a sign the idol god had chosen this young person as a sacrifice. Then they were put on the altar and sacrificed to some idol god.

Is it any wonder God would displace them and give their land to the people who were obedient to Him? God, in His love, would not do that until he had given them every opportunity to know who He was, His character and His power. God moved His people around in the desert for years to teach them obedience to His will, His character, His commandments, His love and His care so when they would come into the promised land, into their own place they would be obedient and serve Him. They had to learn to trust and love Him. The promised land would be their motive for obedience.

God was giving all the nations around the huge desert a look at the true creator God and His care for His people. How ere the animals, the herds of cattle, the flocks of sheep, goats, oxen, donkeys, how did they fair in this barren desolation? He wanted them to know that He, the God of Heaven and Earth, the creator, provided for His people, His people who were obedient to Him and served Him.

Where did this big group get their clothes and shoes from? The Bible tells us that their clothes did not wear out. Their clothes were hand-me-downs as children grew up in the community. Did the nations around ever send a delegation to the camp of Israel and talk to Moses and the leaders to learn about the God that was providing them so well? We are not told but they probably did not. They did not like the idea of being told what to do and how to live. They liked their own gods of stone or wood that let them do whatever they wanted.

Here in the history of the people we can see the wonderful character of God. He demonstrated what he was like and that He loved all people and gave them opportunities to find out more about Himself and He does not force anyone to come to Him.

Joshua said to the people, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” God does not force but asks people to look at His character and love for all and make a choice that does not only involve life for today but for the long haul right into interoty (no idea what this is supposed to be) and Heaven. The signs Jesus gave that predict the end of the world and His coming are fulfilling around us and Jesus invites us, “...come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”