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God's Secrets Revealed Part LXXII

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God's Secrets Revealed



The children of Israel had moved around in the desert for 40 years but now were coming to the end of their travels. Near the promised land they came to the country of Moab. Part of Moab was high country tableland and the king of Moab, Balak and his people were afraid of the Israelites for from the high points of their country they could see this big ground of people.

There was a prophet of God who lived some distance from Moab. His name was Balaam. Balak sent some of his important people to Balaam with promises of big rewards and asked Balaam to come and curse this people so Balak would be able to beat them in war and drive them out of the land. Balak said they are too much for me but I see whom you curse is cursed so come and curse this people for me.

When the messengers came to Balaam's house he put them up for the night and God said to him, “You can't go and curse what I have blessed.” So Balaam sent the men home.

When they got home Balak sent more important people back with the message, “Let nothing hinder you from coming for I will promote thee to great honour.” They returned to Balaam with the second message. This was too much for Balaam, he really wanted this money and honour. Balaam told the messengers to tarry till morning and I will see what more the Lord has to say to me.

In the night God said to him, “If you really want to go with them, go, but say only what I will tell you.” So, in the morning he saddled his donkey and went with the men.

Balak went to meet them and was glad to see Balaam with them. In the morning Balaam told Balak to build seven altars and prepare a ram and bullock for each one. They offered on every altar then God gave Balaam a message. Balaam said, “How can I curse when God has not?” and spoke only good about Israel.

Balak was very unhappy with Balaam for blessing the people. Balaam wanted the reward so bad he had Balak build him more altars from another place where they could get a better view of Israel and offered more sacrifices. Then the Lord spoke again to Balaam and said, “God is not a man that He should lie or change His mind. I have blessed Israel and I will not reverse it.“

That settled that but what an opportunity Balaam had to tell the people of the true God, the Creator God and how He was feeding this big group with bread from Heaven. Sadly, Balaam's lust for money and honour was so great that he told Balak to set up a big party near where the Israelites were camped. This party had altars for sacrifices to their idols. Singing, dancing, idol worship, prostitution, everything God had said, “Thou shalt not....” Then they invited the Israelites to join them in their worship party. Quite a number went so He sent a plague among these and a number died.

God now told Moses to tell Joshua who was the head of the army to get an army together and go and fight the people of Moab for God would not tolerate their behaviour for the Israelites had not done them any harm.

Joshua did and fought the Moabites. In among the dead was Balaam, the one who came to curse God's people. What a sad end but what a price of selfishness and love for money and honour. For the sake of money he was willing to see people destroyed.

What a difference Jesus want to make and does. He said in John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” Sometimes we think the abundant life consists of money, popularity, pleasure, things. God's abundant life is health, daily needs supplied and some leftovers to help others, like overseas missions, also, peace with God and man and the blessed hope of eternal life when Jesus comes.