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God's Secrets Revealed Part LXXI

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God's Secrets Revealed



The manna was falling every day then God gathered the people around the mount and spoke to them the law of Ten Commandments. Then He gave to Moses the Law written on two tables of stone written with His own finger. Soon after He said to Moses, “The people should build Him a sanctuary that He may dwell among them.

The building was small but there was a lot of teaching for the people about Jesus. This building had two rooms: the Holy Place & the Most Holy Place. The priests work was mostly in the Holy Place.

There were three pieces of furniture in the Holy Place. The table of showbread, which represented Jesus, the bread of life. This bread was made by the priests every Sabbath morning and replaced the bread from the week before. Every Sabbath morning there was to be new bread (the word of God) for the people. A lamp stand with seven lamps very beautifully made, and represented Jesus, the Light of the world. A small altar of incense stood next to the partition of heavy veil. On this altar the priests burned sweet smelling incense. It went up as the prayers of God's people which are sweet to God.

Right behind the altar and curtain stood a very beautifully made box overlain with gold. This was called the Ark of the Covenant. When God spoke the commandments from the mount the people said all that the Lord had said we will do. So the commandments became an agreement between God and His people. When God wrote the commandments on stone they were put in this Ark.

When God asked the people to build this sanctuary He gave Moses special instruction (or blueprints) of how everything was to be done and when God gives instruction He also provides the means. When the tabernacle was to be built He gave two men special abilities to do all this exact beautiful work in wood, silver, gold and precious stone. All of the materials for all that was needed the people gave willingly. (the materials they had brought from Egypt).

The lid for the Ark that held the tables of stone was very special and very beautifully done. It was mostly made of gold. It had two angels, one at each end of the lid. Their wings were stretched upwards covering the lid. This special lid with the two angels beaten out of one piece of gold was called the mercy seat.

Eight of the 10 commandments start with “Thou shalt not...” The fourth says, “remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” Another says, “Honour thy father and mother.” All these laws, if broken demand some punishment, just like the laws of our country. What God was telling them, and us, was that He is a merciful God not willing that any should perish but that all may come to repentance. When we have broken one of God's laws our conscience tells us we have. If we are sorry we can come to Jesus and ask forgiveness. He will forgive so we can go with a thankful heart knowing that we are free.

Peter asked Jesus, “How often shall I forgive my brother?” The Jewish rule states three times. Peter wanted to sound better he said, “Seven times.” Jesus said, “Unto seventy times seven.” Jesus was saying God's mercy and forgiveness is there as long as the sinner is trying to overcome his sin.

God wants us to be happy and sin brings problems. We have a wonderful God and we should be thankful for all His blessings such as the plenty we enjoy with good food, the beautiful things of nature and the celebration we had Canada Day. God has given us a good country. Let us be thankful for His goodness and especially for what the mercy seat stood for...God's justice, but also His mercy.