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Prophecy Part LXX

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God's Secrets Revealed

Part LXX


In last weeks column we saw that God Gave the people manna from Heaven fresh everyday, that spoiled at the end of the day. It would not keep overnight. God came to the end of the week He had a new plan for the people.

When God created the world and everything in and around it, He would say at the end of everyday, “It was good.” At the end of day six, when everything was finished He said, “It was very good.” God ended His work and rested on the seventh, not that He was tired, but it was a job well done and He blessed the seventh day and sanctified it (made it Holy).

It was a special day when man would cease from His work, remember who God is, what wonderful things He had done and worship Him on this special day. This established the seventh day week so man would never force what it stood for.

When Friday came in the wilderness where the people where, God did something special. He rained not only 42 semi loads of manna but 84. This was to do for two days. God made provision for Himself and His people. On Friday morning the preparation day, they were to gather twice as much as they had every other day. The manna was a miracle every day and Friday a double miracle. When a double portion fell then another miracle the manna left over from Friday did not spoil like it had every other day but it kept good and fresh over Sabbath.

There was no gathering Sabbath morning. This was their day of rest and remembrance of what God had done for them. This manna was provided every day and a double portion every Friday so people could keep the Sabbath. This went on for forty years until they came to the promised land. It was then that the manna ceased.

Soon after the beginning of the miracle of the manna God had Moses bring the whole congregation to the foot of mount Sinai. There, God came down in a thick cloud and fire to really impress upon the people His power. In trumpet like tones he spoke to all people the law of God (the Ten Commandments).

A few days after this He called Moses up into the mount and there He gave Moses two tables of stone on which were written the ten commandments. The fourth one mentions, especially the remembering of the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week. It says that God is the Creator of all things and keeping the Sabbath is to always remember who God is and who we are.

There are differing theories about how this world and life, especially man, came into existence. But, only one makes sense. A loving and caring God created all this and man in His image. He proved it to the Israelites by providing them with all their food in the desert, especially the Sabbath food.

The Ten commandments were written on stone. What is more permanent than stone? His rules for man's health, happiness and eternal life were never to be erased or changed. God says in the scripture He stays the same and does not change. That is why we can trust Him and His word. That is why we should obey Him to show our faith, trust and love for Him. And, be ready for the end of time and the second coming of Jesus.