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Prophecy Part LXIX

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God's Secrets Revealed




In the book of Revelation, John reveals Jesus in different ways, but Jesus reveals Himself in the old testament in various ways. When the children of Israel came into Egypt there were only 72 of them. The Bible says in the beginning of Exodus that they increased abundantly until the Egyptians became afraid of them for they became more than the people of the land.

The Egyptians tried to curb the population explosion by forcing the people into hard labour but that did not work. Then, according to God's timetable, Moses came along and God, through Moses, led the people out of Egypt by means of plagues that God brought upon Egypt. There were two million plus people with their herds of cattle and flocks of sheep, loaded wagons pulled by oxen. All crossed the Red Sea that God opened up for them and they came into the desert country, no longer as slaves.

Soon that freedom didn't seem so sweet for they ran out of water in that hot desert country. God intervened and through Moses supplied water.

A little over a month into freedom the food supplies they had brought with them began to run low and starvation became a very real threat. They brought their complaints to Moses and Moses went to God.

If everybody needed about 1½ pounds of food per day that would require 1750 tons of food if brought in by truck with 40 tons per semi load it would require a little over 40 big rigs with food everyday.

What a test in the desert. No roads, no trucks, no food but there was God. He was going to give them bread from Heaven. How was this to happen? The people could build big storage bins where God could dump huge amounts of food into it and people could come and get what ever they needed when they needed it. God had not only a feeding plan but also a teaching plan for His people and us.

God had the dew come up over the land and in the morning when it lifted there, on the grass, lay small, round things like hoar frost. This the people were told to pick up and use for food. The people called it manna.

This had to be picked up before the sun grew hot for it would melt and become useless. Picture this huge amount of food spread over hundreds of acres of ground and then early in the morning thousands of people out there gathering food for the day. Something the people were told: Don't leave the manna over for the next day for it would have worms and would stink. It had to be gathered fresh every morning.

The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for many years and were not able to serve God as they had been taught and they had forgotten much because they were not able to practice these things. Now, God had to teach them what He wanted His people to be like for they were to be a special people. They were to demonstrate to the world who God was and what He was like. They were not only told about God but were to experience Him: His care for them, His love. They would learn to obey and trust Him.

God also wanted to teach the people that thought God provided the manna there was something they had to do. They had to work in co-operation with God. He provided for them but they had to pick it up. They had to do something for themselves. They were also to learn good work habits: to get up in the morning, when the air was cool and fresh and every morning they learned to put their faith and trust in God. That He kept His word and provided for their daily needs.

What a privilege and responsibility the parents had to teach the children about God as they could take them outside and show them the manna and have them help with the picking but they were not to neglect to give thanks to God and praise Him for His faithfulness.

God wants us to also recognize this and give thanks for our daily blessings.


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