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Prophecy Part LXVIII

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God's Secrets Revealed




   When the apostle John was on the isle of Patmos he wrote the book of Revelation.  What was he revealing?  The first verse in the book says, "The revelation of Jesus Christ."

   Jesus had been here on Earth a little over 60 years before.  He came the first time, He said, "To show them the Father."  Jesus always gave credit to the Father and asked Him to bless what Jesus was about to do.  But, while here He also showed the world who He was.  One day, Jesus and His disciples crossed the lake and went up the hill on the other side.  They saw a big crowd of people coming, about 20 thousand or so.  It says He healed them all.  What a sight among such a crowd not one sick or hurting anymore.

   Then He taught them and toward evening the disciples said to Him, "It's time to stop.  Send them home to get something to eat."

   Jesus said, "You feed them."

   Where were they to get food on the mountain side, across the lake from habitation?  Jesus asked them, "How much food do you have?"  The disciples replied, "A little boy's lunch." (It consisted of 2 small fish and 5 loaves or 5 small biscuits.)

   The place was grassy and Jesus told them to bring Him the lunch and have the people sit down in rows of about 100 each.  Jesus took the lunch then asked God to bless it.  Jesus began to fill good sized baskets form that little lunch.  One basket with bread and one basket with fish.

   Picture this feeding program: 200 plus rows and the disciples walking along the rows with baskets of food.  The people taking part in this would take a long time so they got others involved.  What a happy, organized feeding this was.  When all had eaten their fill, Jesus said to pick up all that is left so they emptied all the baskets.  They had 12 left over.  These were distributed and given to people to take home to others.

   I think of the boy with the lunch.  They, no doubt, filled his basket and he went home but what an excited boy he must have been when he got home.  He would show his mother his basket full of food, so much more than when he left with that morning.  She would want to know where he got all the extra food.  He would get to tell her the whole story, the beautiful story of what went on and how Jesus continued to pour out of his small basket more fish and more bread and how there was always more left.  Then dad would come in, or uncle or grandma and grandpa, or a neighbour and he would tell the story again, and again.  He would always have that story to tell.  He would always have the little basket to show them, the basket once full of food, direct from the hands of Jesus.

   Now it was the people's turn to think about who this Man was.  Was He just an ordinary Man?  Jesus wanted them to realize that He was the Creator.  Who else could do this kind of thing?  As the Creator He had left Heaven for the sole purpose to help people have a better life and hope for the future.  To show them that though He was the Great Creator He cared for people as He did for the boy with the lunch.  Jesus, by the act of feeding, wanted people to realize who He was and as the distribution of food went among the people He wanted all to know that it is a joy to work with Jesus and help others.

   When John wrote the Revelation, He wanted to reveal the Creator Judge and also His present care for His people.  That Jesus is not an absent landlord but very close to all who care about Him and He would like us to remember that He is the real Provider, even of the food we eat, and we should be thankful.