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Prophecy Part LXVI

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God's Secrets Revealed



When Jesus had risen and was about to go to Heaven He told His disciples to go into all the world and to begin at Jerusalem. He instructed them to tell the wonderful story of Jesus' life, His dealings with people, His love and forgiveness, His death and resurrection, His return to Heaven and His promise to return and take His faithful followers to Heaven with Him. This they did.

With such preachers as Paul, Peter and the other apostles performing such miracles they were spreading Christianity quickly. This bothered and angered the pagans who were losing business as well as worshipers at their shrines and temples. The Romans began to put pressure on the Christians to stop the spread of these teachings.

When all the Apostles but John were dead the emperor of Rome died. These emperors thought they were gods. They had shrines built where offerings could be made as penance to the emperor. When the day came for the people to offer incense to the emperor John the apostle, who was the head of the church, was to offer. He only needed to put a pinch of incense on the coals but this would show worship to the idol and John would not do it.

He was sent to Rome to be tried for treason. John knew what was ahead but he would not worship anyone but the living God of Heaven. The Romans found him guilty by their laws and were to execute him. They were to put him into a cauldron of boiling oil. They expected him to scream in pain and beg for mercy asking for another chance but as they lowered him into the oil he showed no sign of pain (the oil did not hurt him). God saved him from a terrible death.

Now what could they do with a man they could not kill? They were probably afraid of him. They could not set him free. He would keep on telling people about his wonderful Jesus so they banished him to an island to a penal colony. He was to stay and wear his life away. God had other plans for His faithful John.

He was probably given his freedom on the island and one Sabbath morning he was sitting looking over the peaceful sea with the sun shining on it when he heard a trumpet like voice behind him. He turned around as saw his old friend Jesus standing there. John fell at his feet to worship him but Jesus put his hand on John and said I am still the One who was dead and am alive. I am the same your friend.

Then John saw seven lamps. These represented the seven churches in the country. These were to be the light of Jesus and Jesus among them shows His concern and care for the churches which are made up of people.

Jesus wanted people to know that though He had gone to Heaven His concern was still for His faithful friends on earth. Then Jesus told John to write letters to the churches of his time (but hey are also for our time) telling people he knows where they are what conditions are and his watch care over them.

Jesus had a special end time message to the church and the world and He selected His faithful friend, John, to write these messages for Him. This end time book tells of Jesus' love knowledge and power and His special desire to save people for His Heavenly kingdom. He had not left out the Romans for in their effort to kill John they had a chance to see a mighty deliverer of His people. They had an opportunity to learn more about One who could save as He did.

What an opportunity but they chose to ship John out of their sight. They thought they had silenced John but on the lonely Isle he wrote the book of Revelation. Revelation tells of his God. The Romans saw a God of power, knowledge and compassion. A God with the ability to save all who love and obey Him. When John was later released he went home to the church in Ephesus where he went to sleep. He was an old man but what a life of service he gave.