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Prophecy LXV

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God's Secrets Revealed

Part LXV


The crowd that cried “crucify Him” in last week's column had their wish. But, when Jesus rose and went back to Heaven, the disciples preached to the people about Jesus. Some of them had a role in the shameful, painful crucifixion. They too heard of His offer for forgiveness. Some repented and accepted Jesus and became part of the early church. The church who helped to spread the good news about Jesus and His promise to return.

People still looked for one to throw out the Romans. Several men came at different times and said they were the Messiah. They gathered an army and tried to fight the Romans but failed. This happened several times. This had been predicted through the prophet Daniel.

Jesus said to the Christians, those who believed in Him, “When you shall see Jerusalem surrounded with armies then flee but pray that your flight be not in the winter or on the Sabbath day.”

The Romans came and besieged the city and the Christians that were caught inside prayed for some way out. Then, when things got desperate for no reason (except that God worked) the Romans left on a Tuesday and the Christians left on Wednesday. They fled to a small city about 20 miles away.

The Romans returned the following year and again besieged the city. The Jews who had rejected and crucified Jesus were confident that God would spare the city and temple. The people had rejected the messiah to whom the temple service pointed and now there was no need of the temple or it's service.

The situation in the city got desperate and the Romans broke into the city. The result was one of the worst massacres ever. Over a million people perished that day and about one hundred thousand were taken to Rome and sold as slaves or thrown into out door arenas to be killed by wild animals.

What a sad ending to the Jewish state at that time. The city and temple were destroyed and the terrible loss of life and suffering. Jesus never told them to get rid of the Romans. They had everything they needed under Rome: freedom to worship, do business. Rome reserved the death penalty. In this story we see the Jews rejected the prophecy about the Messiah because they wanted their own way but we also see God's love, patience, forgiveness and power.

When the people had crucified Jesus they were given another chance. Many saw their mistake. They saw Jesus as a loving, forgiving Savior and Jesus helped them turn their lives around. Sadly man did not turn to Jesus but held to their selfish desires and paid the terrible price with their life for many died in the fall of the city.

Here we see the love and patience that He has. He shows what is right and makes ways for people to walk in the right way. He wants all to be saved but He never forces the will. He leaves us free to make our own choice.

Things in this world are in rough shape, the weather included. I want to invite you to a live seminar on May 22, 23 & 24 at the civic centre, room 4 at 7pm. The topics include,

Time of the End Signs

The Second Coming of Jesus

The Millennium, 1000 Years

It is free and all are invited to attend. Questions are welcome. I will be glad to see you.