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Prophecy LXIV

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When Jesus looks at the records of people He will come to His own time as a person on earth. Never before had people been so blessed by anyone. Jesus was always helping someone. He healed and encouraged many and there were people who expected more. They wanted Jesus to proclaim Himself king, drive out the Romans and make Judea a prosperous, wealthy, and an easy life place.

There was a man, Levi Matthew, He was a tax collector. He worked for the Romans but like the tax collectors he was probably not honest and these fellows became rich. Levi, no doubt, heard of Jesus. This Man, Jesus, poor in this world's goods but rich in His love to His fellow men and His relationship to God. He was happy and dearly loved by many people. This appealed to Levi more than his money that he was dishonestly making.

One day Jesus came by and said to Levi, “Follow Me.”

Levi left his table, his job, his future as a rich man and followed Jesus. Some may have thought he made a bad choice but as one of Jesus' disciples he was given power by Jesus to do what Jesus had done. He was able to help people even heal them in Jesus' name.

His name went into Heaven's Book of Life with all those who would one day go to Heaven when Jesus comes again. Jesus loves to see these kinds of records and a lot of people like Levi make the right choice.

There were also those who wanted more of the things of this world. So when the leaders brought Jesus to Pilate and he asked, “What shall I do with Jesus?” Those who looked for riches and the easy life called out, “Let Him be crucified.”

How sad. Because of selfishness they were willing to crucify the Son of God. By their choice they threw away happiness in this life and eternal life. What more can God do for people than to let His Son live among them and demonstrate His love and compassion, and invite them to follow Him.

When Jesus had been crucified and died He rose on the third day. About six weeks later He went back to Heaven but He had not left this world to itself. Here we see another display of His love for sinful mankind. The Holy Spirit came upon His disciples, like Levi Matthew, and they began to preach to the people about Jesus. They taught who He was, His love and patience and His forgiveness. There were at Jerusalem, at that time, many who had come from other countries to a special feast. Many had grown up in surrounding countries, though Jews, spoke the languages of the country of their birth. Jesus gave the disciples power to speak in various languages and people understood the language the disciples spoke in.

There were thousands of people who heard the disciples. In the crowd were some who had been at the crucifixion and who had joined in the cry to crucify Jesus. When God created man He put something into their minds that we call “conscience”. That is the small voice that says, “Don't do it!” or “Do it.” When these people heard the disciples about how they had treated Jesus, they were smitten by what they had done. They asked the disciples the question, “What then can we do?”

Peter said, “Repent and be baptized.” This is, ask for forgiveness and change your way of living and thinking.

What a wonderful day that was when people heard the wonderful story. Many, even priests who had opposed Jesus, accepted Jesus and Jesus, in His love, no matter what they had done, forgave them. Such a wonderful Saviour we have. Now, the disciples or apostles with all the people who had now confessed and were forgiven became the beginning of a new movement that became known as the Christian church.

Then, persecution broke out against the new Christians and many moved away from Judea to countries around. They took with them the beautiful story of Jesus, His love and forgiveness. Jesus had told them to go to all the world with the news and this they began to do.

Next week we will look at those who did not accept Jesus but caused trouble for those who did.

Also, my readers, I invite you to a live, three evening seminar on May 22, 23 & 24 at 7pm at the Civic Centre. Questions are encouraged. I will be happy to meet you.