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Prophecy Part LXIII

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My tests all came back clear.  The cancer is defeated!  I will have to do another check up in 3 years and visit my oncologist every April but we beat it.  Praise God!
God's Secrets Revealed
The books that were in the Father's hand that Jesus came and took are the record books of every human that has ever lived. It tells about what the person did but it also tells about what Jesus did and is doing.
In Psalms 87 it says when God writes up His people He will look at where the person was born and lived, what were conditions like and what opportunities they had. He mentions Babylon. What about Babylon? The greatest prophet of the old Testament times lived in Babylon for over 70 years. Most of the time he was a high level minister in the government but always true to his God.
When the king had the dream that he forgot. The one that the wise men could not tell. Daniel, about 17 years old stood tall before the king and the great and wise men of Babylon and introduced them to the God of Heaven. He told what the king's dream was and what it meant. The Babylonians thought this was great but did they ask Daniel into a big hall with a lot of people to tell them of this wonderful God of the Jews?
They did not. They loved the worship of their gods that let them do whatever they liked. Thirteen years later, after the dream there was the big, golden image the king set up that represented Babylon to the dedication all dignitaries of the kingdom were told to come and bow and worship the image.
When the music began all but three Jews did not bow though they were commanded to with the threat of death. When the three were brought before the angry king and refused again to worship they were tied and with a crowd watching they were thrown into the fiery furnace.
The king thought he had finished the job but when he looked into the furnace he saw 4 men walking. The forth looked like the Son of God. Not only could He walk in the fire but he saved the three. What other God could possibly do anything like that?
The Babylonians were given an opportunity to know Him as He was. So far above their man made gods but they made no effort to know more about the God of Heaven. The people went home and not doubt told the story so all the people of Babylon heard of this wonderful, powerful God but did not accept nor worship Him for they loved their hand made gods better. What an opportunity God gave them to know and these things are written in the books.
In the Psalms he mentions the Philistines. These people lived next to the Jews for many years and saw many instances of God's power....greater than their gods but did not turn to the true God.
The Psalms also mention a lady called Rahab. She was a prostitute who lived in Jericho when the Israelites came from Egypt. They had crossed the Jordan river and were not that far from Jericho. Joshua, the leader of Israel, was instructed by God to send spies to Jericho to spy out the land and city for they were planning to take it. Two men went to the city and there they were directed by God to Rahab's house. There she told them that when her father, grandfather, the extended family and later herself, heard of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea 40 years they followed the movement of Israel and were convinced that the God of Israel was the true God of Heaven and earth.
The city and the region around knew of the same things but chose to reject the signs of the true God and stay with idols. Now, God sent these two men to her house and they made arrangements to save her and her whole family when they would take the city. That is what happened when the city was destroyed. Only Rahab and her family, who believed in the true God were saved.
Rahab married a young Israelite. They had a baby boy who became a great grandfather of king David. Jesus came from the line of David. What a wonderful God! This is written in the book.
To my readers, I want to invite you to a live seminar on May 22, 23 & 24. (Details are in this paper) I want to answer questions and would love to meet you.
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